Colour Picker

we mix it any colour , Any time

Velvet Silk

Bio-Rich Velvet Silk is a luxury pure acrylic paint with velvet-sheen finish provides complete protection to all interior surfaces.

Wall Primer

Bio-Rich wall primer is a preparatory water based coating , that provides good adhesion for paint systems.


Ceiling is a luxury paint with a durable matt finish, which has been specifically designed to protect and decorate all interior and exterior walls.

Texture Coat

Texture Coat is a luxury pure acrylic paint with a fine, durable and textured sheen finish, which is recommended for use on interior and exterior surfaces and cement-plastered surfaces. For : Interior and exterior walls. Cement-plastered surfaces.


Biorich Investments is a manufacturing firm founded in 2007 with interests in the manufacturing of adhesives and paints ranging from automotive, industrial and decorative paints of high quality and affordable prices

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